Through PEMS offshore fabrication facilities, PEMS can provide quality fabrication of complete pressure parts and structural fabrications at commercially competitive rates.

PEMS can fabricate and supply structural components, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pressure piping, tanks and modular skid packages from PEMS drawings or client supplied designs. 

The workshops are well equipped and have ISO 9000 accreditation along with ASME accreditations such as ASME U, for pressure vessel fabrication and ASME PP for pressure piping fabrication.

All fabrication is completed to client’s specifications and requirements. To ensure the project is completed in accordance with the quality requirements PEMS has resources certified to national and international welding inspector qualifications. To guarantee compliance a welding inspector is based at the fabrication facility during every fabrication project and a complete quality dossier is provided at the completion of the project.


Capacity and capabilities:

General steel:

20,000 tons/year

Pressure vessels:

10,000 – 15,000 tons/year

Piping spool:

100,000 dia inch/year


PP, U2, U, S, R, NB Stamps

Mechanical properties:

high tensile, heat resistant, high anti-corrosion



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